Founder - Lok Leung

Graduate of Business English from Jinan University in 2008
Working In Banking Industry ( HSBC, ICBC, CCB ) in 2008 - 2016
Learning and Study Hydroponic farming in 2013- 2016

About Lok's Farm

Lok Leung, founder of Lok’s Farm began to study and grow hydroponic tomatoes in Hong Kong since 2013. Having gaining experience in the industry for 5 years up to now, Lok's company opened in 2016, devoted to the hydroponic tomato cultivation. The use of foreign seeds and local plant, coupled with the Netherlands system, sealed greenhouse, to avoid the use of pesticides, the products are of quality produced on foreign soil; saving the cost of international air transport, providing daily delivery, of fresh and healthy products. Current clients include The Union Hospital, VMO, Muji, Mr.steak Group.

our mission

Use imported seeds and Holland’s system to plant . It is a Closed greenhouse system to ensure the produce is fresh
healthy and safety.


shipped fresh daily which is more healthy and more fresh.


green plant


non- contamination , non-pesticide, non-polluted

environmental protection

Uses drip irrigation system and closed greenhouse system . It avoids using pesticides.


Uses drip irrigation system and closed greenhouse system . It avoids using pesticides.


Compliance with standards of Centre for Food Safety

Testing Anthocyanins

Our products

We use foreign seeds and local planting, plus the seed value of Holland system. All sealed greenhouse. In order to avoid the use of pesticides, our products and foreign quality, and save air cost, daily fresh direct, double fresh health. Our existing guest care includes the benevolent hospital, the vegetable office, Muji, mr.steak group and so on.