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Establish-Lok Leung

Graduate of Foreign Language Department of Jinan University in 2008

08 to 16 years, mainly in banking, including construction bank, HSBC, ICBC.

Study on the technology of water - cultivated tomato in 13-16 years

Study water farming in Hongkong since 2013 There have been five years of experience in tomato seed value. The company was opened in 2016, specializing in water farming We grow tomatoes. We use foreign seeds and local planting, plus the seed value of Holland system. All sealed greenhouse. In order to avoid the use of pesticides, our products and foreign quality, and save air cost, daily fresh direct, double fresh health. Our existing guest care includes the benevolent hospital, the vegetable office, Muji, mr.steak group and so on.

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Our company is the exclusive distributor of Grodan Rockwool.

Grodan was founded in 1969. It is a agricultural and scientific company with 50 years of history. Grodan has over 10500 employees from 38 different counties.

Rockwool is mainly used as: plant tomato ,strawberry melon, cucumber and green pepper.